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DnnFreeModules Blog By pezpc on 20/06/2005 20:30
Free Resource Directory 1.1 Source Code
The source code of the Free Resource Directory v1.1 it's available for download.

Please, let me know if you found any error.


DnnFreeModules Blog Free Resource Directory By pezpc on 13/06/2005 18:47
Free Resource Directory v1.1 available

The new version is here with new features:

   -Some bugs fixed
   -New Gui
   -RSS 2.0
   -Email Alerts 
   -Enable/disable buttons  like "download" or "website"
   -Implementation of ISearchable Interface 
   -New module that shows last entries and top downloads ...

The souce code will be available soon...

Please make comments, suggestions and report bugs in the Free Resource Dir ...